Friday, November 13, 2009

Frozen Veggies and Toy Cars

After the powder incident on Monday, my little helper struck again on Tuesday. The reason I know it was him and not one of the other kids, is because he is the only one who would set his toy car on the shelf right next to the milk and orange juice. I was going to make chili for dinner and when I opened the fridge to get the veggies out that I was going to use, I found them all to be frozen. Yep. Frozen, but a little bit soggy too. ALL of them! While he was storing his toys in the fridge he must have decided to play around with the temperature settings too. My freezer was warming up, while the fridge was getting colder. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Who Taught This Boy How to Clean?

I think my baby boy is feeling 100% better than he was last week. Last week he was pretty sick and layed around and slept most of the time. But today, he is back to himself! Let me share...

This morning I got up as usual and made breakfast, packed lunches, checked bookbags, got the school clothes ready, changed diapers, brushed teeth, fed and let dogs out, did hair, and got everyone out the door to take my 3 older kids to school. When I got home, I drank my coffee and then thought I'd take a quick shower while G took a nap.

After only about 10 minutes, I opened the bathroom door to a CLOUD of baby powder and M "cleaning and helping" so he tells me. Kitchen towel in hand, he proceeded to show me how he had been "cleaning" by swinging it around and whipping it off the piles of baby powder he had dumped on everything! And he used an almost full container of powder too - the whole, entire bottle was dumped! When I asked him what we were going to use the next time we changed his diaper, he told me that daddy already changed his diaper (2 days ago). lol

Daisy must have thought she was going to get blamed for it because she got up and left the room and Lucy just gave me one of her looks that seemed to say "Look at what he did now." He even "cleaned" them, because they were covered in it. Isn't he sweet? :) I have to admit that I think they look pretty excited about the whole situation in this photo.

I did think about getting mad for a second, but after watching him in action, I just laughed and got the camera out. He was really going to town. The whole scene was too funny to be mad. And the good thing about it is that my whole house now smells powder fresh, just like a baby's butt. :)And so do my furry daughters. ;)

And to add to it, my vacuum started to burn up as I was trying to clean it all up. So, I am thinking of buying myself an early birthday present sometime this week because I cannot go a day without a vacuum. I have always bought Hoovers but am not real impressed with how fast they seem to break on me. I do not want some $400 thing either as I no longer have very much carpet (just area rugs). I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on some of the less expensive brands that they like?