Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Today we decided to take the kids out to get a real Christmas tree. When I was growing up, my dad always took us out to get that perfect tree. The one that always seemed to look perfect out in the wide open air, but once we would get it home, it not only needed several feet chopped off the bottom, but also the top in order to fit in the family room. (think National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) And sometimes he would have to saw it apart in order to get it back out the door again when it was time to take it down. We would bundle up, and walk up and down rows and rows of trees, tripping over stumps in the freezing snow in search of the best tree. And then when we would find it, all of us would walk circles around it to make sure it was the one. My dad would cut it down and we'd help him carry it (getting our hands sticky from the sap) to a wagon that was giving rides back to the parking lot. We would then stand around and watch as it was put on some sort of vibrating machine that I assumed was to shake the bugs and loose needles off of it and then through a second machine that would wrap a net around it. He'd tie it up on the roof of the van and we'd thaw out our frozen feet and hands the whole ride home.

Today was a little different. It was cold (34 degrees Farenheit), but not cold enough for snow. It was damp; there was a very, very fine mist of rain. It was gloomy and gray out. There are so many evergreens out here that the house at the very end of the main street by our house was selling them and so we didn't have to drive an hour to a tree farm like I remember as a kid - 5 minutes tops.
We all bundled up and argued for about 30-40 minutes over what tree we wanted. Getting 7 people to all agree on one tree, while chasing around a 1 year old that doesn't want to be held or hold anyone's hand isn't all that much fun.) So after looking at all the trees at least twice, we finally decided on one. It wasn't too bushy so that it would take up so much space once indoors and not too tall so that the top needs to be trimmed off to fit either. And then all the kids had to start arguing over who was going to go first (everyone who wanted one would get a turn) sawing it down.

During all of this commotion, Andrew is waddling (in his snowsuit) around by himself, since he won't let anyone help him. He ended up falling, face first in a pile of dog crap. Of course I didn't bring anything with me to wipe him off and wasn't sure what was dirt and what was poop on his hands and face so I didn't even want to hold him now. Good thing the tree was almost cut and the car ride home was short. He went straight in the tub and now we're going to get some stuff moved around and decide on where to put the tree. Fun times! :)
And even though today was a little different from all of those trips to cut down a Christmas tree that  I remember as a kid, it was still one of those unforgettable trips that maybe the kids will remember when they get older and will be able to compare to their new adventures as they go. :)